Assigning colorcode to items and categories

After setting up your merchant environment, use the bulkAssignColorToItems() method to assign colorCode to an Item and to a category.

Endpoints to assign colorCode to items

  • v3/merchants/{mId}/items/
  • v3/merchants/{mId}/items/{itemId}
Create item with color - #FF0080
    "id": "9J1F7WW503CZW", // item ID
    "hidden": false,
    "name": "Caesar Salad",
    "price": 1200,
    "priceType": "FIXED",
    "defaultTaxRates": true,
    "isRevenue": true,
    "modifiedTime": 1611609459000
    "colorCode": "#FF0080"

Endpoints to assign colorCode to categories

  • v3/merchants/{mId}/categories
  • v3/merchants/{mId}/categories/{catId}
    "id": "AN7WTGHSKE9XG", // category ID
    'name': Salads,
    'colorCode': '#FF00Z011'
    "id": "N2WWSQBTAADZC", // item ID
    "hidden": false,
    "name": "Greek Salad",
    "categories": { // expansion
        "elements": [
                "id": "AN7WTGHSKE9XG",
                "name": "Salads",
                “colorCode”: “#FF00Z011”
                "sortOrder": 0
    "modifiedTime": 1611643817000

Example of merchant app preview

Here's an example of how assigned colorCodes appear on categories and items in a merchant app.


Assign colorCode - Merchant app