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Why does my DevKit device say it’s offline when it’s connected to the Internet?

You'll likely be alerted to this problem when you attempt to take a payment and receive an error message repeatedly (e.g. "Transaction Failed: Not Connected" or "Transaction Declined: Failed To Connect To Server"). To verify that the problem is the Internet connection, look at the Wi-Fi icon at the top right. If it's showing a strong connection, go to the Help app and look at Diagnostics (by tapping the three horizontal bars to access the menu, then tapping Diagnostics from the drop-down selection). If it shows Server disconnected, then the Internet connection is the problem. To troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Download the corresponding APK for your device. Clover Mini: Clover Mini APK Mobile: Mobile APKNote that you will need to install ADB and add it to your path.
  2. Sideload the corresponding APK:

    adb install CloverUpdateCert_device.apk


    adb install CloverUpdateCert_Mobile.apk
  3. Start the service:

    adb shell am startservice 
  4. The Clover device will do a factory reset, which should correct the issue.

  5. Reactivate your Clover device.
  6. Disassociate your Clover device from your merchant in your Sandbox account.
  7. Re-associate your Clover device with the merchant.