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Clover App Approval Process

Before you begin developing any application for the Clover platform, you should understand how you, the developer, and any apps you create are approved.

Developer account approval

All developers, including those creating semi-integrated applications, are required to submit their production Clover developer account for approval. Clover will verify your (or your company's) identity based on the information you provide. Developers outside the US need to submit proof for the following items by emailing documents to a secure Box folder.

Address—A utility bill, bank statement, or other legal document matching the address of the developer account. A PO box is valid for an organization but not for its individual representative.

Passport—An unexpired passport is required if you are outside of the United States

Employer Identification Number (EIN)/Tax Identification Number (TIN)—A document from the government tax authority showing the number (organizations only)


Before submitting your documents, make sure to do the following:

  1. Verify that the name and address on your documents matches the information in your account application.
  2. Redact (black out) all account numbers and other sensitive information not needed to verify your identity.

All application types

All apps (web, Android, or semi-integrated) are required to be submitted for approval. App approval includes two aspects: legal approval and functional approval. During legal approval, First Data Legal approves your app’s logo, end user license agreement (EULA), and privacy policy. Functional approval is the Clover Developer Relations team's review of the app’s functionality. The reviewer evaluates the application as if they are a merchant downloading the app for the first time. The following items are also verified:

  • The app is stable (that is, the app does not crash easily)
  • The app correctly calls the REST API or SDK
  • The onboarding documentation is sufficient for merchants installing the app
  • The app automatically fills the registration fields with information the merchant has supplied in their Clover account
  • The app only requests permissions needed for the app to function (see App Permissions)
  • The description of the app explains how it benefits the merchant

See Launch Overview for more information.

Semi-integrated apps

All semi-integrations are required to submit a Clover app for approval that contains their Remote Application ID (RAID) (see Your Remote App ID). As part of functional approval, the integration must be submitted for testing and validation before it is deployed. See Testing and validation for more information.

  • Currently, semi-integrations that connect to the Clover device via Secure Network Pay Display (SNPD) or USB Pay Display do not require an integrator’s Clover app to be installed on the merchant.
  • Semi-integrations that connect to the Clover device via Cloud Pay Display require the integrator’s Clover web app to be installed on the merchant.

Native integrations

Native integrations—Android apps that run on the Clover device, are used by the merchant as their POS, and use Android intents or the Payment Connector to launch Clover Payment apps—also undergo testing and validation as part of their app approval.

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Clover App Approval Process

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