Platform Docs

Testing and validation

Once you've submitted your app for review, be sure to complete the Testing and Validation Form. Here are some things to know about this form before you start.

Integrated payment features

Please go through the full list of features on the form and check off the ones you're leveraging for your POS solution.

Test receipts

You must submit a link that points to your Clover paper test receipts for each integrated feature (Sale, Refund, and so on), even if you're printing your own receipts for production purposes. We suggest saving images of your receipts to a file storage service such as Google Drive or Dropbox, and then entering a shareable link on the Testing and Validation Form.

If you're printing your own receipts, please submit a link to those as well.

For reference, please see our example submission.


Partial payments integration is required for the US region. Please include the Clover paper receipt from your partial auth testing.

Submitting a Remote Application ID

Your app must have a Remote Application ID and you need to submit this ID on the Testing and Validation Form. Clover will soon require integrations to have a RAID to provide better troubleshooting of issues.

If you have any questions about testing and validation, reach out to us in the Semi-Integration space on, or email us at