Testing & Validation

Before your app can be approved, you will need to provide the following for testing and validation purposes:

  • Checklist of features integrated from the full feature suite
  • Test receipts for integrated features
  • Remote Application ID
  • Additional devices and access for ongoing support (recommended)

Please send us the feature checklist, Remote Application ID, and links to test receipts through the following Testing and Validation Form.

Checklist of Integrated Features

On the Testing and Validation Form, please go through the full feature suite and check off which features you are planning on leveraging for your POS solution.

Test Receipts for your Integrated Features

You must submit all Clover receipts for testing purposes. You may choose to print your own receipts for production purposes, but to pass testing you must provide us with Clover receipts.

If you customize your receipts, please also send along a copy of your own receipts for those test cases in addition to the Clover receipts.

For reference, please see our example submission: ExampleSubmission1.

Provide Clover receipts for each integrated feature

Please submit copies of all receipts as described below for each integrated payment feature.

For the following, submit either web receipts OR copies of paper receipts:

For the following, submit copies of the paper receipts:

  • Auth + Tip Adjust Auth
  • PreAuth
  • Tips on paper
  • Void payments

Provide custom receipts for each integrated feature

If you are printing custom receipts, please repeat with your custom receipts. Submit the custom receipts for:

  • Sale
  • Auth + Tip Adjust Auth
  • PreAuth
  • Tips on paper
  • Payment Refund
  • Manual Refund
  • Partial Payment
  • Void payments

You can use either web receipts (by using the Email Receipt feature as part of Clover’s receipt) or clear images of printed receipts. If using clear images of printed receipts, ensure contrast is high enough, printed receipt is well lit, and the camera angle is parallel to the level of receipt.

Submitting a Remote Application ID

From SDK version 1.1 and up, we require you to submit a Remote Application ID as part of our Testing & Application Form. Soon we will also provide a mechanism for storing your Remote Application ID, after which validation will also include a check that your transactions pass in the correct (stored) ID.

Ongoing App Updates and SDK changes

Before you make major changes or new versions, please email us at semi-integrations@clover.com.

To keep up to date with changes to the SDKs, check our updates page, refer to our Github repro, or sign up to receive updates.

Ensuring Clover has Proper Engineering & Production Resources

To be able to provide continued engineering and production support, we recommend you to send the following to Clover’s HQ:

  • 2 Engineering-ready devices & accounts
  • 1 Production-ready device & accounts
  • Log-in credentials (for all relevant user groups, e.g. admin groups for refunds, credits, etc.,
  • employee groups, plus all relevant pins)
  • Documentation on how to configure your device
  • If relevant, credentials for Admin portal
  • Clover developer accounts information (developer ID)

Without providing the necessary hardware and access, Clover will not be able to provide support.

After testing, somebody will reach out to you from semi-integrations@clover.com to provide details on where to ship devices and to ensure that configurations are working properly once the devices arrive.