Semi-Integration Process Overview

Set up your Sandbox developer account for testing

To set up a developer account:

  1. Open a browser window and go to
  2. Enter your current email address and click Create account.
  3. Continue to follow the steps (including verifying your email address, and entering in your developer information).

Buy a Devkit


A Clover Devkit is required to semi-integrate. You won’t pass testing without it.

To order your Clover Devkit:

  1. Open a browser window and go to
  2. Click View Product for Clover Mini.

    If you’re interested in integrating with Clover Mobile, contact us at

  3. Click Add to Cart to add the device to your cart.
  4. Once you are ready to checkout, click on the Cart icon.
  5. Once you have reviewed your cart and are satisfied with the quantity and types of items, click Check Out.
  6. Continue through the Customer Information, Shipping Method, and Payment Method forms.

Once you have successfully ordered a Devkit device, a confirmation page will load and you will receive a confirmation email.

Developer approval process

In order to submit your semi-integrated app to the Clover App Market, you will need to go through the developer approval process. As this process takes some time, we encourage you to go through it in tandem with the development of your semi-integrated solution.

To become an approved developer, go to, and fill out the application in its entirety.

  • If you are a corporation, be sure to select A company account and enter a valid Tax ID/EIN
  • All developers must enter a valid residential address for identity verification, no P.O. Boxes
  • To minimize delays, be sure all information is complete and accurate

Develop your integration

To get started, you will need to:

  1. Get hardware set up by connecting your POS to the Clover device.
  2. Use CloverConnector & add the features you’d like.

For more help, view our Ongoing Developer Support section below

Go through testing and validation

Testing and validation takes place in two phases.

In phase one, you will demonstrate a working solution by providing Clover receipts for each transaction type you plan on supporting, and a full list of the Clover features that your solution leverages.

In phase two, we will validate that your solution complies with our operational requirements by checking your:

  • Proprietary Receipts (optional): If you choose to print your own receipts, you must send along a copy for each transaction type you support.
  • Remote Application ID: We will check to ensure that you are passing in the correct Remote Application ID, which we will use for customer support purposes.
  • External Payment ID: We will check that you are passing in an External Payment ID with every transaction. The External Payment ID is the mechanism we use to help you prevent duplicate payments.

Submit app on App Market

To submit your semi-integrated app:

  1. Log into your developer account at
  2. Fill out the application at the top of the page and click Submit.

The App Market team will reach out to you with next steps. If you have any questions, reach out to

Ongoing Developer Support

  1. Ask your development questions on DevAsk and tag them with the label “semi-integration.” You may also add other, more specific, labels such as “remote-pay-windows” and “secure-pay,” but please make sure that the “semi-integration” label is attached to your questions.

    The “semi-integration” tag will be seen by a person on Clover’s semi-integrated support team and responded to promptly.

  2. Read the Developer Docs.
  3. Email for sensitive questions or feature requests.
  4. To keep up to date with changes to the SDKs, check our updates page, or provide an email address you would like to receive updates at by emailing with the subject “Update us at <email address>.”

Ongoing Merchant/Customer support

Because every point of sale is unique, there are many issues that our customer support team won’t be able to solve for your merchants. For that reason, you should be the first line of defense for them. However, Clover customer support commits to troubleshooting any issues with the Clover stack, such as our hardware or payments processing platform.

Send in equipment

Clover is committed to helping troubleshoot any problems throughout the life of the integration. To help facilitate this, please provide 2 engineering-ready devices and accounts, and 1 production-ready device and account. You can read more at Testing & Validation.