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Set up your DevKit here

Thank you for ordering a Clover Developer Kit!  Before you can use your new DevKit, you must set up your device.


If you are receiving an “Error retrieving merchant” message, then your DevKit has not been associated with your test merchant.  Please make sure you’ve completed all the steps of setting up your device.

Additional Resources

Devkit Troubleshooting

  • You must create an account at to use your DevKit. If you discover you’re unable to log in with your developer account, please double check the URL is for our Sandbox environment, as opposed to Production (i.e.
  • In order to test the Clover app you’re developing on your DevKit, it does not need to be approved or published.  It will automatically show up on your developer account’s test merchant’s App Market, near the bottom next to your currently installed apps.
  • If your Clover Flex is not powering on, please make sure your device is charged and follow these steps:
    1. Hold the power button for 32 seconds.
    2. You should see the battery icon with a charge indicator (eg, 85%).
    3. Hold the power button again for 10 seconds.
    4. Your device should boot up normally.


Visit our Developer Community ( to see if your question has already been asked.  The forum has significantly higher visibility from the Clover team and our developer community, so we recommend that initial requests always start there.