Release Notes – August 24th, 2018

We have released the following improvements and bug fixes in the Clover Sandbox environment:


Additional security for pairing your semi-integrated POS with Clover devices

When a semi-integrated POS is paired with a Clover device using Secure Network Pay Display (SNPD) or Cloud Pay Display, the Remote Pay SDK responds with a pairing code from the Clover device.

With a pairing code, it may be possible for a merchant site employee to pair the Clover device with an unauthorized device. To ensure that the Clover device is paired only with your authorized semi-integrated POS, we are introducing new employee permissions.

We recently made an announcement about the required employee management steps for additional security. You can find the announcement in our Developer Docs.

Bug Fixes

Maintaining connection with SNPD in dual-ethernet mode

In a dual-ethernet SNPD connection between Clover Station and Clover Mini, the connection must re-establish every time the ethernet unplugged and then plugged back in. Our bug fix now ensures that the connection is re-established as expected.

Maintaining connection with USB Pay Display in dual-ethernet mode

In a dual-ethernet USB Pay Display connection between Clover Station 2018 and Clover Mini, our bug fix now ensures that the connection persists and that USB Pay Display functions as expected.

Updated Clover Apps

The following Clover Apps have been updated:

App Version
Engine 1945
Transactions 123
Register 1415
Payments 257
Secure Payments 191
Remote Pay 199
Setup 1269
App Market 1275
Clover Device Server 44
Authorizations 96
Manual Transaction 1105
Terminal 146
Inventory 1169
Reporting 1157
Tips 1169
Launcher 1208
Notes 1101
Bill Split 72
Help 1180
Customers 1173
Employees 1183
Orders 1155
Printers 1145
Tables 2.0 12
App Updater 1136

If your solutions are impacted by any app that has been updated, please test the app in your sandbox environment. For questions and feedback, use

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