Can I get test cards?

A test card is included in every Developer Kit purchase. You can purchase Developer Kits at

Does Clover have a PA-DSS Implementation Guide for Developers?

No, Clover does not have a PA-DSS implementation guide.  Since Clover does not permit 3rd party application to access consumer payment account data, any 3rd party application is not a Payment Application as the term is defined by PCI PA-DSS.  As such, there is no need for a PA-DSS implementation guide for 3rd party applications. […]

Why does my DevKit device say it’s offline when it’s connected to the Internet?

You’ll likely be alerted to this problem when you attempt to take a payment and receive an error message repeatedly (e.g. “Transaction Failed: Not Connected” or “Transaction Declined: Failed To Connect To Server”). To verify that the problem is the Internet connection, look at the Wi-Fi icon at the top right. If it’s showing a […]

What SSL/TLS cipher suites should I support?

All Clover devices and servers follow industry best practices for SSL/TLS configuration.  To ensure interoperability, you must ensure that your servers use a compatible SSL/TLS configuration. SSL/TLS Versions Clover devices and servers are only guaranteed to support TLS 1.2.  Some devices and servers may support TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.0.  For security reasons, SSL 3.0 is not supported. […]

What is the externalPaymentId?

The externalPaymentId is an ID that the POS provides for two functions. For payments, it is an attribute that is added to the payment. For payments and manual refunds (Credit) it is also used to prevent duplicate requests from processing. If the device receives a request (Payment or Credit) with the same externalId, it will […]

More Questions?

You can find answers to more questions on the Clover Developer Community.