Download CloverSDKSetup & connect to Clover device

Download and run the CloverSDKSetup executable file

  1. Go to the Releases page for the Windows Remote Pay SDK.
  2. Download the CloverSDKSetup.exe file from the latest release build. Running this file will install the drivers for the Clover device, the .NET DLLs, and the executable file for the Clover Example POS. It will also install the local services for the REST connection. Note that you can only configure one type of connection, because you can only run one type of connection at a time.
  3. Check that the drivers installed correctly by opening Device Manager while the device is plugged into a computer.
  4. If the drivers for the Clover device didn’t install, download the CloverUSBDriverSetup.exe file from the Releases page. Running this file will install the drivers for the Clover device.

Connect to the Clover device from your Clover Example POS

  1. Open the Clover Example POS on your Windows device and select your connection type.
  2. Open the USB Pay Display app from your Clover device.


    If you have difficulty connecting, verify that no other Pay Display apps are running. Click on the double rectangles at the bottom center of the screen to view all of the apps that are currently running.

  3. Plug in your Clover device.

    You should see the status “Connected” at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

    If you can’t establish a connection, reboot Windows.