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Thank you for ordering a Clover Developer Kit (DevKit)! Before you can use your new DevKit, you must set up your device.

Additional resources

DevKit troubleshooting

  • If you’re receiving the message “Error retrieving merchant,” your DevKit has not been associated with your test merchant. Please make sure you’ve completed all of the steps involved in setting up your device.
  • You must create an account at to use your DevKit. If you discover you’re unable to log in with your developer account, please double check that the URL is for Clover’s Sandbox environment, rather than the Production environment.
  • The Clover app you’re developing on your DevKit does not need to be approved or published before testing. It will automatically appear in the App Market for your test merchant (near the bottom, next to your currently installed apps).
  • If your Clover Flex isn’t powering on, please make sure your device is charged, then follow these steps:
    1. Hold the power button for 32 seconds. You should see a battery icon with a charge indicator (e.g., 85%).
    2. Hold the power button again for 10 seconds. Your device should boot up normally.
  • If you receive an email saying “PIN entry is disabled” on your device, or that your device is tampered, follow these steps:
    • Tampered status just means the PIN entry is disabled for security purposes (a PCI requirement). However, as a DevKit this should not impact your development. Confirm the following on your device:
      1. Go to Setup > Payments > PIN Entry section > Select “Do not prompt for PIN”.
      2. You can continue to do non-PIN (non-debit) transactions. If you are not able to do a CC Sale or a payment via Register, try different credit cards.  The test magnetic stripe card that is sent with DevKits (ending in 6668) will work, as well as other types of cards. We found some debit-only cards will not default to credit so that will result in a “Transaction Failed”.
      3. Do not disassociate or factory reset your device, as it will be blocked at activation.


Visit our Developer Community to see if your question has already been answered. Your initial requests should always begin at this forum which is highly visible to the Clover team and our developer community.